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Hello Sisters and Brothers! Wayne and I are members of Swayzee Chapter in District #13. He is a 26-year member and I am a 36-year member. We first served our chapter as Worthy Matron and Patron in 1976, for Sister Sally Woodward and Brother Robert Olsen. Then again in 1990 for Sister Joy Ellen Kuppler and late Brother Jerry Jonas and at their Grand Chapter Session I was honored to be asked to serve as one of their Grand Pages. The very next I year was again elected to serve in the East with my dad Brother Paul Trumbauer, this time for Sister Lois Waggoner and Brother Mike Rumsey. In the latter part of 1992 I received a letter asking me to be Deputy for Sister Bonnie Allinder and Brother Bob Strong, their Angelic Messenger #13. What a delightful rewarding year this was and how our family grew! In 1997 we were in the East again, this time with our own Sister Shirley Glessner and Brother Beryl Harrison. In between the times being Patron with me, Brother Wayne also served with several other ladies of our chapter. I really thought that I was through but next year I will be Matron again. This time I am honored to be serving with our youngest son, Chris, for Sister Martha Brown and our own Brother Robert Surber.

During the years I have served on several Grand Chapter committees and at the 1987 session of Sister Markie Edwards and our own Brother Jack Skinner I was honored and pleased to be asked to be a Grand Nurse. Soon after the Grand Trustees starting hiring sisters to perform this duty at the Grand Chapter Sessions and I have done this every year since.

Wayne and I are both immigrant Hoosiers. He is from Arkansas and I am from Mississippi, but we have lived here since we were young children, so therefore Indiana is our home. We have been married for almost 39 years and have two wonderful sons. Marc, 37, is a Union ironworker, single, loves trucks and Harley Davidsons. Chris is 23, a computer consultant, married to a wonderful young lady named Katy, and they have given us our one and only granddaughter - Aaryn, who is almost two. Both Chris and Katy are still working on their college degrees. They all live close by, as do my parents.

Wayne has worked for RCA since he was 18 years old. I have worked at several types of jobs, then in 1984 went back to school and became a Licensed Practical Nurse. At the present I work part-time in the dispensary at RCA.

The 11th Chapter of the Book of John contains the testimony, which our Father renders to Jesus in answer to his rejection. That the power of resurrection and of life in his own person are presented in Faith. It is not simply that he is rejected, but man is looked upon as dead and here Lazarus represents man.

This family was truly blessed because they had received the Lord into their hearts. But while Jesus was away the brother died. Martha believed that if the Lord had been there, he would have saved her brother. She also knew that he would be raised at the last day, but her Faith went no further. She did not understand that the death of her brother and Jesus restoring him to life was God's own plan. It is the symbol that we do not die for death, but for life, we die that we may live in the life of God not man and that the Son of God - may be glorified. Following the restoration of life to Lazarus, the High Priest proposed the death of Jesus - of course he yields to it - He gave His Life - A ransom for many.

Martha had Faith, which attached her to Christ, but went no further. She did not understand what was needed to enter the Kingdom. Jesus taught her that we must have Faith in a living Savior who will deliver us to enjoy the Kingdom of Heaven.

My Sisters and Brothers may you always have Martha's Faith and the Hope she exhibited and of course the Love of our God for life everlasting.

With Star Love,

Kay Cullum

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