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Our Chapter calls Swayzee, Indiana, it's home. It's a small town in the north central area of this state, a town that's still based on some of our great country's fundamental values. Years ago, Swayzee had a Job's Daughter's Bethel and a DeMolay Chapter along with its Eastern Star Chapter and Masonic Lodge. Unfortunately, both the Job's and DeMolay closed many years ago.

This year we are proud to have the Deputy for District 13, our very own Sister Rhonda Maggard! She has a very special year ahead of her, since District 13 is also the home of Brother Robert Surber, our Worthy Grand Patron from Mississinew Chapter #94. We wish nothing but good times and fair weather for all the traveling Sister Rhonda will be doing over the next year and want to let her know that we stand by her 100%! Congratulations, Rhonda, and Good Luck!

The Masonic Lodge here in Swayzee sits above the Town Hall in an old brick building at 211 South Washington Street. We share this building with Grant Lodge #637. Our Chapter meets the second Tuesday from October till April, the second and fourth Tuesdays in May, June, and September at 7:30 p.m..We go dark for July and August.

In 1999 our chapter consolidated with Frankton Chapter #501. Although sorry to see a chapter close, we are more than happy to have the Sisters and Brothers of Frankton here with us now.

Our chapter was constituted in 1908 by the Indiana Grand Chapter. We consolidated with Frankton Chapter #501 in March of 1999.

Fifty Year Members: 105 (Total, 45 from Frankton)

Some People to Remember




Grand Usher LaRue Webber*


Grand Pages
Evelyn Miller, Frankton


Mina Jo Ingram


Kay Cullum


Rhonda Maggard


Evelyn Alexander, Frankton


Grand Representatives Dottie Moore, Frankton


Shirley Alexander, Frankton


Ruth Webber*


Bill Trumbauer

New Brunswick, Canada

Past Deputies
Betty Weaver


Virgia Hendrick, Frankton


Kay Cullum
Rhonda Maggard


Grand Officers Virgia Hendrick, Frankton

Grand Martha, 1990; Worthy Grand Matron, 1994

  Kay Cullum
Grand Martha, 2000
Past Presidents of the Thirteenth District Association
Lenor Sizelove*


Helen Jo Echelbarger


Shirley Alexander, Frankton


Rhonda Maggard


Members of the Grand County Masonic Awareness Committee
Kay Cullum
Indiana Star-Lite Magazine Chris Cullum, Co-Editor


*Denotes Deceased.

About Our District

District 13 is the largest in the state of Indiana, with a total of 24 chapters across 5 counties. It was organized on March 15, 1936.

For more information, please contact our current District President, Pat Endsley, Mississinewa Chapter #94.

About Our Order

The Order of Eastern Star is a member of the Masonic Family. Like the Masons, Shriners, Scottish Rite, Job's Daughters, Rainbow for Girls, and DeMolay (just to name a few). More information to come soon!!!.

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Last Updated: 18 May 2001

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