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March 2006

Noteworthy News


Nov 8- Regular Stated Meeting

Our meeting was well attended with 11 officers, and 11 sideliners. Two members received their 50 Yea Award of Gold. A carry-in dinner was enjoyed by many who were celebrating birthdays in November, December, January, and February. Attendance prize winners were Sisters Judy Creviston and Deanne Dorrance.


Dec 13- Regular Stated Meeting

Many attended our meeting even though the “Holiday Rush” was upon us. Attendance prizes were presented to 11 members. The Frankton’s Mason’s asked us to provide dinner on December 22, and with the help of many willing hands they had a hearty meal. Thanks to Sister Shirley Alexander for being Chief Cook. Christmas music was enjoyed all during the evening and snowman ornaments were presented from the Worthy Matron and Patron. Refreshments were provided by all who attended, bringing their “special” holiday goodie and recipe. Sisters Judy Creviston and Cindy Lucas volunteered to put all the recipes together in a booklet and will be available at the next meeting. In attendance were 12 officers and 8 on the sidelines.


Dec 16- Consolidation Ceremony

The Worthy Grand Patron presided this evening for the purpose of consolidation of Elwood Chapter with Swayzee Chapter. We are very pleased to welcome these special members to our chapter and look forward to many years of serving our beautiful order together.


Mar 14- Regular Stated Meeting

We had a lot of catching up to do this evening! Our Friends Night will be April 7 at 7:00 pm. Sisters Judy Creviston and Cindy Lucas are in charge of the program. All we know is that it will be a mystery. Sister Kay Cullum gave a report on the 100th Anniversary Committee meeting that was held in February. Planning is beginning for this special day, however we do not have a date for the celebration yet. Fund raising was discussed, and we will be checking into the possibility of selling items at Grand Chapter. Recipe Books were available after t he meeting. Thank you Judy and Cindy! It was suggested that our recipe exchange become an annual event and recipes can be added each year. In attendance were 11 officers, 1 pro-tem officer, and 12 on the sidelines.


We will be working with the Masonic Awareness Booth during the races again this year. If you are interested, please let the secretary know. Information on dates and times will be available in April.


Our next issue will be sent out in late June.


Have a wonderful Spring!

Swayzee Chapter #345
Order of the Eastern Star